Awarded High Honors

The Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department was recently awards for the quality and effectiveness of local services. The honor, presented by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation signifies the attainment of Tier III status as part of the overall State of Tennessee’s benchmark process. Clarksville is now one of only 5 cities in the state of Tennessee to achieve the Tier III designation

The program which is used to evaluate local parks and recreational organizations is focused on increasing the quality and efficiency of services while reducing costs and is part of the overall plan focusing on the future of Tennessee’s parks, people and landscapes.

In effect for five years, the certification is a salute to the level of service and quality that Clarksville Parks and Recreational activities/public facilities provided to the community within the city. The second highest status in the program, Tier III is the final step before national accreditation from the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreational Agencies, and with the beautiful homes available here in Clarksville. you know it’s a hot spot to move to, or to any other of the areas in Ft Campbell

‘Clarksville Parks and Recreation’ is committed to providing a variety of fun options available to thank our communities families, and for bringing the diverse culture that fills Clarksville.  Offering a wide variety of facilities and activities for residents, ‘Clarksville Parks and Recreation’ maintains over 700 acres of facilities including 22 parks and three community centers.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation recently unveiled their 10 year plan entitled Tennessee 2020. The plan focuses on the recreation and conservation that will benefit Tennesseans now and into the future.  ”Tennessee 2020” is comprised of 10 main initiatives encompassing the most critical needs facing infrastructure and conservation over the next 10 years. These initiatives (excerpted from the Tennessee 2020 Plan) include.

Advocacy and Funding
State and local decision makers will be informed about the economic impact of parks and recreation in the state of Tennessee. They will recognize the value of public investment in the sector and will be empowered to make economic decisions that are related to parks and recreation.

State Parks Management
The state parks of Tennessee will be a national model representing a modernized and strategic park management process which will be characterizes by a dynamic systems-oriented approach. This approach will ensure that high professional standards will eliminate wasteful spending and deliver quality experience for visitors.  


Clarksville Parks and Recreation
Residents will have access to recreational opportunities given by Clarksville Parks that are close to home so that they can easily exercise and benefit from interactions with nature. 


Recreation One-Stop
Tennessee will pioneer a vibrant online community which will enable the public to share their recreational experiences with others. In addition the site will provide training or new activities and allow participants to find likeminded people to share outings with. The goals of the site is to encourage residents and visitors to become more active and find easy access to direct involvement in advocacy for parks, re-creation and natural resource conservation.


Public Health
In partnership with The Tennessee Department of Health and Tennessee’s network of local parks and recreation departments TDEC will work to encourage people to increase their level of exercise and activity. There will be a well- coordinated set of strategies that will help to lower obesity and inactivity.

Environmental Education 
Tennessee schools will begin to see an integration of environmental concepts throughout all subjects and all grades.  The easiest thing you can start with if you don’t have many environmentally green concepts you can practice at your location, recycling is always an available & is the easiest option to start with. 

Quality Growth
Each county in Tennessee will incorporate a Quality Growth tool which will help protect the invaluable wildlife habitats, greenways, parklands, infrastructure and streams.  These tools wil serve as a buffer to preserve the integrity of local resources from the impacts of nearby development.

Recreational Waters
There will be a coordinated approach toward water regulations, quality growth planning and public advocacy as it pertains to the rivers, streams and creeks in Tennessee. Greenways and road crossings will provide easy access to these resources. The end goal is for Tennesseans to be proud of their local watersheds and to become aware of their personal responsibility to protect waterways through their very day actions.

Rural Economies
As part of Tennessee 2020, the state’s rural regions will gain significant benefits. Steps will be taken to preserve and protect the rich heritage and natural resources of these local assets.