Increasing the value of your Clarksville, Tennessee home can sound like a major undertaking, but with these simple tips, you can easily increase your home’s value without breaking the bank.

#1: Spend an Hour with a Home Improvement Professional

Call a few interior designers in the Clarksville area and invite them to take a look at your home. While designers will most likely charge you for the hour (usually less than $100), these knowledgeable professionals can give you valuable insight regarding potential and necessary home improvements. Even simple updates like changing paint colors or optimal furniture placement can help improve both the look and the overall feel of your home.

Paint is one of the most cost effective and simple ways to add value to a home. While it can be tempting to opt for brighter colors, neutrals are more appealing to potential home buyers. Fresh paint, inside and out, can push your sale price up.

# 2: Work Your Landscape

You don’t have to have a green thumb to add curb appeal to your house. There are many low-maintenance landscaping options for Clarksville homeowners that add value to your home. Colorful plants and shrubs are always great choices. When you shop your local garden center, be sure to pick plants that are drought-tolerant or native to your region. These choices require less maintenance and less water which translates to greater savings for your home’s next owner.

#3: Plant a Tree

If you’re not planning to sell your Clarksville home right way, you can always plan for the future by choosing landscaping options that will mature over time. Shade trees are a great choice for planting; and fully matured, well-placed trees can ultimately cut your cooling costs by up to 40 percent. Mature landscaping also provides needed habitat for local wildlife and adds valuable curb appeal to any home.

# 4: Improve Your Air Quality

When you think of air quality you probably think about their air outside of your house, but did you know that the air quality inside your home is even more important? Things like older carpeting can hide allergens or contaminants, which pollute your indoor air. It’s a good idea to have a professional company come in and test your air quality indoors. If you need to replace your carpets, consider using an environmentally friendly products like laminates or slate flooring. Hard-surface floors not only will give your home an updated look but also don’t hold odors and are easier to keep clean. In any home, that means a better air quality.

# 5: Increase Your Square Footage, Visually

The square footage of a home directly affects its value. While you generally can’t change your square footage without taking on a major renovation, you can make your home feel larger or roomier. Set aside some time to do a walk through of your home. If you currently have heavy drapes, consider replacing them with shutters or vertical blinds. This will allow the light to stream through. Sunny rooms automatically make your house feel more open and larger. If you have a room with an empty wall, consider adding a large mirror, which will visually double the space. And most importantly, de-clutter everywhere. Too much furniture and basic clutter will make a room fell cramped. Make sure the furniture in a room is not too large for the space, and remove all unnecessary pieces.

# 6: Update a Bathroom

Bathroom updates don’t require a full remodel of your home. Small adjustments, such as replacing old lighting, updating your storage options, or replacing dated wallpaper, can dramatically change your bathroom without hurting your wallet. Think about replacing old or outdated vanities, sinks, paint, and fixtures.

# 7: Energy-Efficient Fixtures add Value

Everyone loves a decorative celling fan. Not only does it create a soft breeze, but it provides necessary lighting. Outdated, broken or loud ceiling fans are an eyesore. The same goes for the lighting in your home. Not only do older fixtures date your home, but they’re not as energy efficient as those available today. Replacing old fixtures will not only make your home more enjoyable now, but will increase the value when you are ready to sell.