Austin Peay Matt Figger Basketball Camp

Are you looking for a good Clarksville camp for your child to go to for summer? Maybe a good basketball camp? Austin Peay Matt Figger Basketball Camps are right around the corner. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to sign up, slots are filling very fast. These are good camps if you want quality leaders, with lots to offer for your kids playing Basketball. They will have a chance to improve their skills, team work, time with coaches that will help them in areas such as their techniques and introduce the concept to some of the newer players.



Father-Son Basketball Camp

June 1st-June 2nd will be the ‘Father-son camp’, for kids ages 6-12. This session includes a free camp T-shirt, as well as a complimentary dinner, Friday (We didn’t forget, you might be a little hungry), and free lunch provided, Saturday (in case you’re hungry again). The prices start at $150 for Father and Son positions, and then $50 for each additional son.

We thought of everything, including a camp ‘bank’, so you don’t have to worry about your children carrying their money, and they won’t have to go back and look for it when they’ve reached the front of the line.

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Team Camp

The Matt Figger Basketball Camp offers a ‘Team Camp’, for those who want to take their game seriously. If your child really loves basketball, this might be the perfect option to grow their passion for it, just a little bit more. There’s 5 games guaranteed, or 3 games if you choose to go with the one day rate.   Alongside the coach already provided, this session gives you the opportunity to hire on 1 extra coach. The prices are listed below:

Overnight Athlete: $200
Overnight Coach: $150
Commuter Athlete: $150
Commuter Coach: $150

Day Camp 1 – 3

There’s 2 more camp focuses, and the Day Camps are offered for those who can’t be apart of the Father-Son camp or the Team Camp, and still offer the quality service & effort you would expect from our other options – the best. The first session starts on June 11th, until June 14th. This session will not have free food but, will still have concessions and a free T-shirt. All of them will be starting at 9AM and go until 12PM, for ages 6-12, and receiving coaches like Matt Figger, Ricky Cabrera, Dalton Hill and Sergio Ruoco, $150 is a steal.

About Matt Figger

Matt Figger arrived to South Carolina in 2012, bringing with him incredible determination and dedication. After arriving, he led the Martins to their revival that started with breaking the .500, with 14 games won, finishing 17-16, With a 25-game win this last season, and height as high as no. 19 in the Associated Press Top-25 poll, it’s easy to see why you might choose him to coach someone who wants to play basketball. He’s been deemed the OVC coach of the year. This is a great opportunity for your kids to learn from a great coach.