Greetings, investors –aspire greenway initiative
The Aspire Foundation recently delivered on a key initiative outlined in our current five year Strategic Blueprint. In October 2017, the Board took action and approved the donation of property to advance the local Greenway system. Thursday May 17,2018, the Aspire Foundation signed documents deeding 23 acres of land along the West Fork of the Red River to the City of Clarksville in order to develop and expand the Greenway space. As many of you know, a major underlying theme on improving “quality of place” is the institution of long-term support and potential investment in amenities that attract young talent to our area, such as a robust Greenway system (Strategic Blueprint P. 27). I wanted to share with you, our stakeholders, the most current steps that Aspire is making to ensure we are meeting those goals. Below is a map outlining the donated parcel and it’s connectivity between the Pollard Road portion of the Greenway and potential Blueway access to the Red River.

This property contribution is possible due to a grant provided to Aspire through the CMC Community Health Foundation. We also want to thank the City of Clarksville for their commitment to developing the Greenway.
Without you, and your investment in the future of our community, these initiatives could potentially fail. With you, we will continue not only to survive, but thrive. We thank you for your continued support of the Economic Development Council, and the Aspire Foundation. It’s your support that makes it possible.


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