Clarksville in the Works

It’s been 20 years in the making, and have been making progress to achieve a long term initiative, which is closing a deal for a large scale conference or convention space in Clarksville. Throughout the years, there have been many conversations with those of whom that have offered their partnership. Stoney Creek Hospitality brought us closer to achieving the dream of our Clarksville Convention Center.

Hotel and conference center property as their specialty, ‘Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center‘ operates 15 locations in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma. Uniquely designed, the properties are heavily focused on local history and commission artwork. The result is a familiar lodge(s) with an urban vibe.  Stoney Creek is known for creating high energy guest experiences and offering exceptional guest service.


The Convention and Visitors Bureau has been in talk with Stoney Creek about their idea for nearly a year. Local Economic Development Council (EDC) Executive Director, Mike Evans, reflected that they provided a pad-ready construction site in order to attract Stoney Creek. In addition the EDC has been in talks about a 30 plus acre piece of land in the Spring Creek area that would include an entrance along 11 acres of main road that they are currently working to obtain.

The investment, a $30 million privately funded project, will create a 40,000 to 50,000 square foot conference space with 200 hotel rooms.  In addition to bringing a much needed meeting space to the city and the country, the investment will result in a substantial economic impact for the hospitality industry in Clarksville and will create new opportunities for both dining and retail.   

With the plan, only 1.5 miles off of 1-24, the proposed location will greatly benefit from the local retail corridor. Nearly 200 construction workers will be hired for the project, and an estimated $32-35 million is estimated to fill the local economy over a 15 month time span.

According to the ‘Visit Clarksville’ Chairman, Jerry Allbert, Clarksville regularly turns away business because there is not currently a facility that can accommodate larger groups.  Allbert states that the community is ready to host events and meetings at this scale and the tourism staff is ready to welcome new visitors to Clarksville. Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett has stated that the county plans to do all they can to make this project come to life. “This venture can be an important economic engine for us. We are now a county of more than 200,000 people. It is past time for us to host events in our own community as opposed to consistently traveling to other communities to attend them!” Under the current timetable, the hotel and conventions center would open its doors some time in 2020.

The long term positive effects the project could have on the region are profound, of which one proposed – a Northwest Corridor access road, which would tie Wilma Rudolph Boulevard at Trenton Road.