Montgomery County, educational excellence.

The county is also home to Clarksville, which is the fifth largest city in Tennessee. The 30+ new residents a day shows that this city is growing rapidly. The state of Tennessee saw a population increase of 13.6% over the last decade while, Montgomery County experienced an explosive growth rate of more than 35%. With a population of over 150,000 Clarksville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country also ranking as The 30+ new residents in Clarksville per day shows that this city is growing rapidly.the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the nation. Historic, yet progressive.

Clarksville is a river city backdrop for The Cumberland and Red Rivers which converge in the heart of town.  If you’re looking for an awe-inspiring river sunset, this is the place, right near the fully-developed RiverWalk. The historic downtown is home to art galleries, pubs, locally owned restaurants and antique shops. These quaint establishments are all housed within the 1870s architecture for which Clarksville has become famous.  The enviable climate makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities all year long. From golfing to hiking, biking, fishing and watersports, there is plenty to enjoy during the four distinctly appealing seasons in Clarksville.


Walking Community

For those looking for a walking community, look no further. “Walk with Me Tennessee” is a Community by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Clarksville is verifiably 101st air basepedestrian friendly. Brimming with established neighborhoods, this city is a long-standing military hub. The city is home to both Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne.  It would be safe to say that this is a patriotic and close-knit community. It’s been said by Money Magazine, that Clarksville is city for the ‘computer aged millennials looking for larger paychecks’. More than 13% of the workforce and current home owners in Clarksville are involved in the healthcare field, and around 10% is involved in the armed forces.

With prices skyrocketing to the North, you’ll find peace of mind considering nearby Clarksville as your next place to all home. Clarksville is a fairly-affordable place to live. If you are considering a move to Clarksville you will find that the overall cost of living comes in at three percent below the national average. The most economical amenity in the region is housing, coming in at 11 percent below the average US city.  In fact, according to, searches for housing in Clarksville is double that of Nashville. It is no surprise that the affordable home prices are drawing people further South.  The city is brimming with affordable homes, a wealth of jobs and southern hospitality to spare. Don’t be surprised to see residents waving to you from their front porches as you drive through delightful city. While Nashville may be a hub for hipsters, Clarksville is the place to build or buy a home.

Many potential home buyers choose the area due to the educational excellence of the county. You can see a few homes for sale if you click this link. Graduation rates here have increased by nearly 20% over the last decade with an impressive 93% of students graduating from high school. If you are relocating to Clarksville with children, they will be enrolling in the Clarksville- Montgomery County School System (CMCSS). Serving over 30,000 students, the district is home to 36 schools including 20 elementary schools, seven middle schools, seven high schools and a magnet school for grades K-5.  Your child can attend any school in the district.

For college aged students there is an established secondary level community highlighted by Austin Peay State University. Located n the heart of the city, Austin Peay is a local draw attracting over 100,000 students to Clarksville. Other local colleges include Nashville State Community College and North Tennessee Bible Institute.

The Clarksville housing market is highly diverse and has a great deal to offer the prospective buyer. Three and four-bedroom single family homes make up the bulk of residential real estate. Buyers looking for a duplex or an apartment will have an equally easy time finding a place to call home. For those interested in investment property there are plenty of smaller homes in foreclosure. Renters make up more than 46% of the Clarksville housing landscape. With the median home price in the $180,0000 range, buyers can also find new builds with amenities ranging from wrap around porches to whirlpool tubs. Clarksville has something to satisfy the tastes and needs of every home buyer.

This is a great time to consider relocating to Clarksville. Whether you are moving across country or 100 miles away, the team at Chief Knows Ft Campbell understands the challenges and stress that can come with moving to a new city.  Let us show you around and give you a sense of all that Clarksville has to offer. We would love to help you find the perfect Clarksville home.