There is much talk and anticipation for this year’s 2017 Solar Eclipse that places Clarksville, Tennessee on the map as the place to be.  Clarksville is the city that nestles next to Fort (Ft) Campbell, Kentucky, home of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). What makes this solar eclipse so special is that it only happens once in a blue-moon that’s actually visible from the continent of North America and Clarksville right smack in the line of pathway.  The next solar eclipse like this one won’t be visible until 2045. People plan to travel and celebrate this rare event from all over the continental United States. Even our very own Reliant Realty Brokerage will be holding a fun day with food, cakes and googles to protect our eyes from the blinding glare of the eclipse. For information of local hotels and Airbnb homes, go here:–TN