Our favorite things about ClarksvilleLoving things about Clarksville

 Clarksville is currently the fifth fastest growing city in the country. Easily accessible from major interstates and only 40 miles from Nashville International Airport, Clarksville has seen the population increase at a rate that can only be called unprecedented.  Nestled in the most scenic region of Middle Tennessee the city has emerged as a community that is ideal not just to live in but to work in and play in as well. Even more alluring is the fact that Clarksville is within a 24-hour drive for 76% of the cities in the country. Here are some of our favorite things about Clarksville.

The city of Clarksville offers metropolitan amenities blended with small town values and Southern hospitality. Clarksville is steeped in history and offers an array of year-round events and attractions that bring historic downtown alive.  And it’s affordable. In fact, Clarksville falls about 15% below the national average when it comes to cost of living. Homes are at good prices as well, which can be seen here.

What other things about Clarksville do people find they love when living here? How about the 34 parks boasting 644 acres of pace for recreational activities? The Marina at Liberty Park. The Greenways, and the Blueways provide residents with miles of canoeing, walking, bilking, kayaking, running and boating options.

Here are some other things we love to do in Clarksville and we think you will too!

Take a stroll on the Cumberland Riverfront

 Home to McGregor Park & Rivercenter, the riverfront park has transformed the downtown area of Clarksville.  This signature riverfront hosts a myriad of festivals and evets throughout the year and the area’s scenic setting makes the park a local favorite. Built on the banks of the Cumberland River the riverfront is also home to the Cumberland River Walk. With lighted walkways, a pedestrian bridge, and a boat launch this 2-mile riverfront promenade provides the community with the perfect way to get outside and take in their surroundings. One of the things about clarksville, is it’s peaceful nature, and it’s sceneries available right outside your doorstep.

640 N. Riverside Dr.
Clarksville, TN


Go Underground
Clarksville Cave Entrance

 Just a mile away from downtown Clarksville you will find Dunbar Cave State Park, a 100-acre natural area scattered with sinkholes and caves. The most notable cave is Dunbar Cave which spans 8.1 miles and carries geological, historical, natural and archeological significance.  Ancient drawings can be spotted in the cave and excavations show that the location has been visited by man for literally thousands of years, dating back to the Paleo Indian tribes. Pictographs found in the cave depict religious symbols leading many to believe that the caves were an important spiritual location at one time. The consistent 58-degree temperature of makes Dunbar Cave it a popular attraction during summer months.

401 Dunbar Cave Road
Clarksville, TN 37043
(931) 648-5526


Do a little shopping

Miss Lucille’s Marketplace Shopping Clarksville

Miss Lucille’s is an eclectic marketplace with over 52,0000 square feet of shopping.  Boasting 200 vendors, generous shopping carts and handicap access Miss Lucille’s offers a little something for everyone. Visitors will find a variety of merchandise ranging from handmade goods, vintage finds, rare gift items, new upholstered furniture antiques.

Known for genuine Southern hospitality Miss Lucille’s also has a café on site for those needing a quick break from shopping to rebuild build their stamina. Featuring simple, local eats, the menu includes unforgettable ingredients and daily specials. It’s one thing about clarksville that will keep you coming back for more.

2231-L Madison St

Clarksville, TN 37043
Marketplace: (931) 896.1700
Cafe: (931) 919.5050


Explore the Arts

Clarksville Art Community
 The Downtown Artists Co-op is a driving force in the Clarksville arts community. A consortium of local artists and patrons DAC actively promotes visual arts in the area.  Regular exhibitions outreach programs and scholarship fundraisers are just some of the regular activities produced by DAC One of the most popular programs in Clarksville is Art Walk, occurring the first Thursday of every month. In addition to Art Walk DAC offers storytelling, workshops and a variety of other programs for kids and emerging artists.

96 Franklin Street
Clarksville, TN 37040