Free Middle School Football Camp – Clarksville, TNFree Middle School Football Camp

Clarksville’s Free Middle School Football Camp is known for “promoting academic excellence, moral integrity, and physical and social growth”. It’s no wonder that they are now on a mission to develop the highest quality of football in the state of Tennessee by offering a series of free middle school football camps. One of Chief Knows Ft. Campbell Homes favorite free community offerings, the camps are open to all players within Montgomery County and surrounding communities. The last camp of the season is coming up on May 8th from 5-7pm. If you have rising 6th through 8th grader involved in football be sure to register and take advantage of this free non-contact program at the Clarksville Sports Complex.

While there has been some controversy around football lately there are inherent benefits to youth football. Aside from the obvious physical and mental advantages, football helps develop a strong work ethic in young players. From drill repetition, to, running plays in practice to the celebratory wins and the tough losses; playing football at a young age helps build a foundation for important life skills. Football exposes young players to the challenges, the victories, the struggles and the defeats which are also characteristic of life. There is a level of discipline and detail needed to perfect blocking techniques and exhibit proper execution. Players learn to lift their team mates and lift themselves. It’s been said that football is a metaphor for life.


Click this link to view a few of Clarksville’s homes near the school football fields. These are the perfect houses for you and your children if you want to be close to the home field. They can help you stay commited. Committed to building knowledge and improving the ability of players in the area, Head coach JD Sellers believes that camps like Clarksville’s Free Middle School Football Camp has a vital role in the development of middle school football players interested in high school level play. Sellers previously coached at the division one college level and has brought together a uniquely talented coaching staff for these local camps. In fact. the coaching staff has won a combined 11 championships giving young participants the chance to learn from what will easily be the most successful and most talented coaching staff in the Clarksville area. According to Coach Sellers the camps give interested players an opportunity to work with some of the most qualified teachers in football. The first camp of the season was a huge success, drawing players from all over the city. After camp, it was eviddevelopment of middle school football playersent that players took with them an improved skill set and practical insight into how to play a better and safer overall game.

Prepare for Football Camp

Although football season is still a few months away, Coach Sellers’ commitment to helping shape the next generation of high school young athletes in Clarksville undeniable. This is a rare chance to learn from the best and help prepare young players for competition at both the middle school and high school levels

For more information and to register for the last camp of the season on May 8th, contact JD Sellers at