Great American Clean Up Day

Great American Clean Up Day

Join the Chief Knows FT Campbell Homes team on April 28th, at 8:00 am at the ‘Montgomery County Courthouse, One Millennium Plaza’, for the Great American Clean Up Day! Help us by volunteering for tasks such as planting flowers, picking up trash, and overall maintenance. Doing this, even just one day a month is how you start, you can and will improve the community, and the environment. Let’s work together to end littering, improve recycling and enhance our environment.

This is it’s 20th year that everyones effort has made the ‘Keep Tennessee Beautiful’ campaign possible. It’s the signature program of the ‘Keep America Beautiful initiative. Anyone can take part in creating a community that is a “clean, green, and a beautiful place to live.” Keep America Beautiful believes that people. and places are deeply connected to one another. It’s long lasting benefits will make you proud to be apart of the cause.

the largest community improvement program

The Great American Clean Up Day is the largest community improvement program in the nation. This annual event harnesses the power of millions of volunteers across the country to build dynamic communities. Campaign programs are focused on critical areas including community greening, waste reduction recycling and beautification. In partnership with Keep Tennessee Beautiful, the mission of the Great American Cleanup is focused on education and inspiring people to take action in their community to improve and beautify the environment. This renowned grassroots community service project engages not only volunteers but local businesses and civic leaders.

Originally launched as a litter clean-up program, The Great American Clean Up was designed as an initiative to create cleaner paths and public spaces. To this day, community cleanups are at the very heart of the campaign. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. In 2017, close to 186 million pounds of debris and litter were collected by volunteers across the country.

Beautification efforts range from flower planting programs and tree planting programs to the creation of community gardens that educate the aspiring gardener and help feed those in need. Leaders from local organizations are getting involved and helping to bring about change in their communities by engaging residents of every age. Educational opportunities include workshops, on the ground service projects and special events. The goal is to motivate more Americans to make knowledgeable decisions and take simple actions each day to reduce, reuse and recycle all year long.

Keep America Beautiful helps change public places into beautiful spaces through programs like the Great American Cleanup. Additional benefits include creating communities that are economically sound, environmentally health and socially connected. These communities become better places to raise families, go to school and star a business. These communities are simply better places to live our lives.

Come volunteer with us as we help to beautify our community of Clarksville, TN. If you are interested in participating or registering a team, please rsvp to Mary Anderson at or Tell her Chief Knows Ft Campbell Homes sent you!