Most homeowners opt for home interior that feels timeless; it adds warmth to a space and helps to make a house feel like a home. But trends play a significant role in the decorating process; those marble accents, the brass mirror, accent rugs…

Similar to a great outfit, our homes are influenced by a mix of personal style and accents. Great interiors are really a reflection of personal style with a few accent pieces mixed in make everything feel current.

Incorporating the latest décor trends can help you freshen up your space, or completely transform it to feeling brand new. Jumping in to a trend that isn’t you might feel awkward,m though. Use trends sparingly and incorporate items that you envision liking for the long term. Look at things that are trending up as opposed to trends that are phasing out. This will keep your décor feeling new for a longer period of time.

Below is a list of some of the top trends for 2018 and a few DIY tips to help spruce up your home.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones (especially ultra violet and ruby red) are in! While the fall and winter seasons were all about darker, cozier colors, 2018 is about to burst open with a bolder palette. Both ultra violet and ruby red are invigorating and will be present on everything from wall color to furniture. If these colors are too dramatic for you, consider trying calmer colors in the same family. In restful rooms like the bedroom, lilac or pink are versatile options.

For a quick DIY fix, try adding a velvet sofa or basic jeweled-toned pillows and throws to liven up your space and create warmth. Or create an accent wall with a painted jewel-toned picture or mirror frame.

Heavy Cabinetry

Open shelving has been all the rage for some time now but there’s a renewed appreciation for kitchen cabinetry. In addition, the trend for the all-white kitchen is dwindling with a preference for warm greys, creams, and blues. Look for wood grain tones to take center stage as well.

Grab some paint samples and revive your cabinets this weekend. Can’t decide on one color? Consider painting uppers and lowers in complimentary but different tones.

Copper and Brass

You either love it or hate it, but brass is back in style. From light fixtures to cabinets and bathroom fixtures, brass is all the rage. And forget that rose gold; copper is here to stay for 2018. Copper has more of an orange and red tone and will be seen adorning everything from side tables to desk lamps.

So, hit the vintage markets this weekend and find a great desk lamp or side table to add a small touch of copper or brass.


We’re not talking the spicy Japanese condiment… Wabi-Sabi is a hot trend for 2018! Wabi Sabi refers to the Japanese art of finding the beauty in imperfection. For home design, this can be found in things like hand-painted items or handmade pottery. These items help create a personal, organic aesthetic. Wabi Sabi is all about authenticity, including purity of materials.

Want to do it yourself? You can achieve this look in your space by cleaning out the knick-knacks; the gifts you’re holding onto because they came from your mother-in-law or because you may use them one day. Eliminate items like plants stands, extra chairs or footstools that aren’t critical to the comfort of the room. If you aren’t ready to get rid of these things, then simply follow the ancient Japanese tradition of rotating important items through a special place on a seasonal basis. This ancient practice is called tokonoma. By following this custom, things that were old will feel new again when rotate them through your space. When you focus on a few special things at a time you are better able to appreciate them

Want More?

Some of the other top trends for 2018 include: Statement storage pieces, 70s chic, shapely accent furniture, bold floral prints, black and white color schemes, stone and other natural accents… Actually there are lots of trends. Keep an eye on our blog and we’ll be sure to keep you informed in the coming months.