USO Pathfinder Program
The United States Organization (USO) has long been the nation’s leading organization serving the men and women of the US military and their families for over 77 years.  Standing by their side throughout assignments, deployments and as they transition back to their community, the USO has strengthened military service members every step of the way. Keeping these dedicated military personnel connected to home, family and their country has been the focus of the USO since 1941.  The most recent extension of their commitment to the American military family is the introduction of The USO Pathfinder Program. Launched in 2017, the program provides assistance to an estimated 250,000 men and women who leave military service annually and transition to thriving veteran status.

USO Pathfinder

The Pathfinder Program was born out of a union between the model developed by the nonprofit RP/6 and the USO. RP/6, founded by two veterans, became part of the USO’s global infrastructure in January 2017. The RP/6 collaboration was created after the organization partnered with the USO throughout their start-up phase. The affiliation lead to the emergence of a Strategic Business Unit which was designed to both manage and grow the global portfolio program of RP/6.

The culmination of a two-year effort, The USO Pathfinder Program positions the USO to emerge as the nation’s leading provider of resources for service members by offering best in class transition assistance, With the tagline “On your path forward we have your back,’  the program serves as the final step in support by allowing for a more seamless reconnection to the civilian life that service members set aside while they are serving the country.

Today there are over 46,000 companies and non-profits in existence that are interested in helping service members with transition support. The complex market often becomes challenging to those in need of assistance.  By combining the interests of the USO with that of their long-time partners, The Pathfinder Program helps to create personalized plans for individuals by connecting them with the appropriate resources to ensure future success.  These partnerships help bridge the gap as transitioning service members embark on the next stage of their life and career. Through its global reach the USO Pathfinder Program helps individuals navigate the landscape during their journey back home and beyond. The program also offers support to spouses and families through a one of a kind approach which includes the following services:

A Global Network
With more than 200 USO locations in airports, on military installations and in military communities, the USO Pathfinder Program offers on-demand services through both digital channels and the Action Plan app.  Resources can also be found throughout the following USO center locations

USO Colorado Springs

Carson, CO

USO Fort Campbell
Fort Campbell, KY

USO Fort Hood
Ft. Hood, TX

USO San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

USO Norfolk
Norfolk, VA

USO Fort Drum
Fort Drum, NY

USO Fort Riley
Fort Riley, KS

USO El Paso
Fort Bliss, TX

USO Nellis AFB
Nellis Air Force Base, NV

USO Fort Sill
Fort Sill, OK

USO Transition Center for Innovation
Lakewood, WA

USO Pathfinder on JBLM
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

USO Warrior and Family Center Fort Belvoir
Fort Belvoir, VA

USO North Carolina – Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg, NC

USO Pathfinder at Fort Wainwright

Fort Wainwright, AK

USO Pathfinder at Fort Stewart
Fort Stewart, GA

For individuals who are not located near an existing Pathfinder site, USO Pathfinder can help them in their current location by working with them remotely.

A Commitment to Personalization

Scouts and individuals work one on one with service members and their families in order to build an individualized plan for success. Action plans focus on the future with targets for transition goals. The result is a customized road map to guide service members to applicable resources and enable them stay on track during their transition.

Continuum of Care
The support begins 12 months before a transition and continues with extended support up to 12 months after a separation date. Military spouses also receive support throughout the family’s time in service. Before separation, Scouts connect individuals with available resources at the current duty station and ensure that service members and their families have access to resources wherever they choose to call home.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach
Transition from military service to civilian life impacts everything and everyone. The USO Pathfinder Program empowers individuals and their families to find support in a variety of focus areas including education, employment, family life, family strength and wellness, financial readiness, housing, legal services and volunteerism,

Nationwide Network of Resources
The USO Pathfinder program is comprised of best in class public and private national resources offering relevant services to transitioning service members and their families.  Services range from local and national, in person and virtual in nature and are sourced based on the specific location, timeline and goals of the individual and their family.

The Power of Technology
The Action Plan app gives service members and their families digital access to comprehensive transition services. Users can view their overall action plan, create and complete tasks and connect with their program Scout in real time.

With the aid of a $5million donation from the Boeing Company in October of 2017, the USO Pathfinder Program will launch eight new support centers across the country over the next three years. Future plans also include nationwide expansion by 2020 with the addition of 25 centers which will enable the USO to reach 80% of all active duty transitions annually.

Transition can take on many different meanings over the life of a military career. The USO Pathfinder Program is there to help, whether a service member is taking a trip home, experiencing a permanent change of station of planning for civilian life.

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